Monday, July 8, 2013

Last week with my Mommy!‏

8 July 2013

Oh my goodness! It has been one heck of a week! 
Ok, now to the fun stuff. I get to find out who my new companion is today and if they are changing my area (although if that happens I think I will cry). I have decided this week that this is my home! There are people here I love and don't wanna leave... So let's talk about the good! Hna. Quispe gets on a plane Thursday and although I'm not ready for it, I think she is. We had a really amazing weekend that I'm pretty sure most missionaries would kill for it to be their last! 
1st... 4th of July was celebrated in Paraguay this year! We had a ridiculous cake and sparklers. It was way too much fun! ;) I'm glad I live with an American who loves 4th of July or I probably wouldn't have done anything, but it was really fun.
Also, random note... Miss Paraguay is in our ward... and we almost ate lunch at their house every Saturday... but they are too busy...
Anyway... So Saturday we had another baptism I think I mentioned. This is the little sister of Mariam: Gilda. This family makes me straight up happy! They are amazing! I love them! The baptism was incredible! Also me and Hna. Cowger and the 2 elders in our ward sang "A Child's Prayer" in English. They all study English in school and like that we can speak it. It turned out... well the angels were singing with us and everyone said it was good. I was really nervous... like always.
So then Sunday we got up and got ready and left the house at 7:30 so we could go get investigators. It is a good 30 min walk to their house (or anywhere in our area) and as we were walking we passed a faithful member who is preparing for a mission, a less active we have been working with and 1/2 of another less active family, The Familia Farreita... we'll get back to them... Then we saw our investigators walking toward us on the road... well, I guess they are no longer investigators. In the picture this is who they are. Mariam is on the left with her son Bruno, then Gilda, and Julisa, who is the daughter of their brother but she lives with them. Last is Diana who is their step-sister. :) Aren't they the cutest!!! So at church Gilda got confirmed, Bruno and Julisa recieved a baby blessing and Mariam bore her testimony! Oh it was a good day! It made missing Leyla´s baby blessing worth it... Still love you Leyla Lynn!
Last comment, remember the Familia Farreita, so they have 2 sons and 3 daughters. They are technically separated but they all live in the same house. On the way to get Mariam and Gilda we saw the mother and her 3 girls going to church and we were really sad cause that meant the 2 boys, 16 &13 were not coming. Well, as we walked up to the church we watched the dad drop off Carlitos and Martin, the 2 sons. :) Martin ended up passing the sacrament and Carlitos was ordained a teacher and a Priest! These boys when we first got here weren't really interested in the church and now they are blessing and passing the sacrament! I'm just SO happy! AH!
This is such an amazing work!!! Also, the Lord really loves His missionaries!!!
Love you guys!!! 

Hna. Lutz

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