Monday, June 17, 2013

Ali's First Letter - Hola Familia

This is Holly, Ali's sister. I will be taking care of the blog for a little bit while Ali is in Paraguay. I have quite a lot of catching up to do, so most of these letters are old. You can email her at She would love that!

(In these first couple of letters, she was in Argentina at the training center (the CCM).)

2 May 2013
¿Comó estan? How are you guys? All is well in the CCM. My district and companion are  all good. None of you will be shocked to know that I love the food! I've already eaten cow stomach. It actually wasn't terrible... not my favorite though. But I like most of it. You raised me to be a really non picky eater. Luckily they haven't fed us pizza yet. I'd have a problem with that. I'm kinda getting used to Spanish. I usually just spanglish it up cause that's all i can do. I'm learning though. Getting used to how things are run though wasn't hard. Sometimes i just look out the window and have a moment of "oh my gosh I'm in Argentina!!!" Say what?!?! There are your ! father. :)

      We got to go to the temple on Saturday because it's closed for two weeks. It was really cool. Buenos Aires is the only temple with no architectural theme but is has lots of the blue from the flag. It is so pretty. You should look up pictures.

         My district (2 elders & 8 hermanas) are all 19 except me and an elder who is 18. They kinda make me feel old. Our group is braking records in the CCM. This is the first time the North Americans have out numbered the Latinos. And also this is the first time they have gotten North Americans going to Argentina. It is crazy. Most of them found out they were going to this MTC and not the Provo one like 10-ish days before. Now that would be crazy...

       I'm adapting. My skin loves the humidity and I wash my hair a ton cause it gets nast so fast. Nothing is even really weird to me anymore. Like even the stomach didn't feel that weird... weird huh.

       I'm still not that good at teaching in Spanish but my testimony of the work is growing. I'm studying the peace be still section in Jesus the Christ and I'm blown away at what he can get from the text. I love it. I also think this Spanish is making me better at English...

     God is blessing me a lot- for which I'm very grateful. I love being here.
I love you all so so much! please update me on life cause I'm actually not even sure if it exists outside the gate. :)
much love...

Hermana Lutz

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