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There was no letter for Hermana Lutz on the 9th, but we were able to email a little bit back and forth on the 12th for Mother's Day (she wasn't able to call or Skype).

16 May 2013

Well another week is gone. I can´t really believe that that much. I really can´t believe that in like 4 days the "older" kids and the Latinos we have now will leave and we will get a massive amount (like 60) of North Americans. Insane!!!

Macie, I told everyone yesterday my baby sis is 12! I Love you a ton and hope it was a good day!

So proselyting was cool. We only walked around for 3 hours cause we were way late getting there... they are not used to this big of a group... ever. But I´m glad to report my shoes are awesome. Another product bit, I LOVE my towel. Probably the weirdest thing ever to love but I do! It is always dry!!! Also I found a soft fuzzy blanket! So I´m not as mad as I was before about leaving mine. :)

About the mother talks I don´t know if I can read them but I will try. They ask us not to print off tons so I will see if I have time. I found something really cool though. At least I think it is cool. I was reading Pres. Hinckley's talk "Stand Strong Against the Wiles of the World." It is from 1995 when he announced the family proclamation, and in there is a paragraph that talks about teaching your kids to love serving the Lord and I realized that the people really affected by the age change are the same generation that had that growing up. Like I'm one of the oldest people here and I was 3. I feel like it was the Lord preparing us 17 or so years ago for this hastening of the work and for this age change. Feedback!!!

Anyhow... those pictures of the Skousens attached are GORG!!!!! I bet Cathi is having a fun time decorating with those. I think they turned out better then those samples you were showing!

Cathi... Good job on making beautiful babies! :) She is presh! Btdubs my English spelling is out the window so lets pretend that is the reasoning behind the shorting of the words so I don't look dumb... that doesn't make much logical sense does it?...

The new group of Latinos came in Thursday and they are awesome! Every group is different but way cool. Yesterday during actividad fisica me and a hermana from my district played basketball like 3 on 3 with them and I was the tallest one on the court. They also just grunted in my face to throw me off cause of the language barrier. But it was the shortest game of basketball I've ever played. They are fun though cause they are ridiculous but we´ll just they there is a reason South America is not known for basketball. :) They come from all over which is awesome. Anyway the second game we played, there was this Paraguayen man who is at least 6'4" but I think he is 6'5" and he just snatches it out of the air. It was awesome. They are fun to play with!

Also, they tell us all the time we need to talk to the Latinos but they all either stare blankly at me or laugh at my poor Spanish. While being laughed at is not new for me, I like talking to them.

One of the teachers told us yesterday that kids from the Provo MTC need 6-8 months to learn the language out there while we get it in 3!!! exciting huh!!! We'll just test that theory! I understand a lot though. At least when they talk at a slow speed. Our teacher answered the phone during study time and put it on speaker phone so we could listen and he talked for like 3-4 mins without taking a breath. So many words. I have no idea what he said but it was cool to listen to him talk in full speed.

I think the biggest problem here is where to put everyone. The word going around is that 40 of the 60 coming in a week are sisters... craycray!!! And for 2 days it will only be the 20-ish North Americans that came same day as me. Which will be weird and lonely during meals and physical activity.

Life here is good. That's about all I can say. We study a ton and laugh more. :) And don´t get enough sleep and that leads to more laughing. :) I seriously love it and especially love the time each day I get to have personal study. I wish I had more talks to read but Jesus the Christ and El Libro De Mormón is keeping me busy. :)

Love you all SO much and I'm SO grateful for the support. :)

con amor!

Hermana Lutz

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