Monday, June 17, 2013

And the adventure continues...

23 May 2013

Happy Birthday to Courtnie Lynn!!! on Sunday!!!! I hope you have a great day!!!! Enjoy moving up to Mia Maids and then stay there until after I come home please. This growing up thing is weird.

My Spanish is coming. I can understand all of the teachers which I think I already mentioned. People on the street are a little harder. We did our second proselyting trip and the last one with the older North American group and we knocked like 7 or 8 blocks. It was raining too but it was way fun to get out.

We lost all the people we have spent 4 weeks with on Tuesday and that was kinda sad. For the last 2 days we only had the 20-ish North Americans that entered the same time I did and it feels like a ghost town. We had some Latinos come last night (2 girls are in our room!!!) and the rest of the 14 girls and 43-ish boys will come today. With this transfer we will get closer to the proper boy to girl ratio.

Life here is good. I look forward to actividad fisica and meals everyday cause it is hard to be in a classroom 9 hours without obtaining the attention span of a goldfish... which I had before I got here so now it is closer to Dory... but it's good.

I feel like there is not much more to say.  I guess someone asked about the people here so I'll tell you about them. Or at least a couple.
My other roommates (that didn't leave) are Hna. Mcfarlane and Hna. Cowger. They are really funny and make nights interesting. We have a lot of fun together. In our district there is this Elder named Elder Brewer. He knows sign language really well but he never took Spanish. But he always tries and he says some pretty funny things. Also, there is Hna. Harman who is like awesome and we always play games together during actividad tiempo. I'll have to teach you them when I get home.

Oh so our cook here, who actually has a picture in preach my gospel, was a cook at the Vatican so I asked if he knew dad and he didn't. But he said he did cook for a group of elders. His name is Hno. Benitez I think, but not for sure.

I just can't believe how blessed I am. Every time I sit next to the teachers at a meal and try to listen to their Spanish I just always think about Provo and how weird that would be to have all the people speak English. I feel really blessed!!!

I love it here! Keep me updated!!!
Love you ALL!!!!!
Hna. Lutz

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