Monday, June 17, 2013


(As you can obtain from the letter, this is her last week in Argentina.)

30 May 2013

The subject is very literal... the poor country is loosing me this week!!! How sad for it!!! ;) But happy for Paraguay!!!
Well, this week has gone by crazy fast. I can see now why everyone says that this whole missions thing goes fast... AH!!

I think the biggest thing here is that I'm flying to Paraguay on Tuesday ... Like 5-ish days... wow NBD!!!! You are kidding. Saturday was an eventful day (explained later) and made me really scared to leave but as all Sundays in the CCM this one was INCREDIBLE and made me ready and excited to serve. Everything is going good with Spanish... If anyone talks to me outside of gospel stuff I have no clue what is up but it's cool. I also don't really understand the Argentine "castijana" or accent very well so I'm glad they don't use it in the temple or in Paraguay! The new group of kids came in... Fun to have what I feel like are little kids around even though they range from 18-21 just like our group. I saw Elder Miles and was slightly saddened that he didn't have candy for me but I got over it pretty quick. He gave me a little update on Colorado and that was fun. Also there is a Elder Hobbs from Preston who knows the Slades really well... I'm turning into Grandpa Swainston... AH!!!

So, two big things this week... One was Saturday and the other was yesterday... I would take a poll to see which one to write first but because of the delayed response that would be a long wait so read them in whatever order you would prefer... I have to warn you they are both AWESOME!!!! I don't care if I'm not supposed to use that word!

Entonses... so... Saturday we went out proselyting !!! :) 3rd time going and this time was in a new area... the last area was way rich and nice houses and all. Doorbells outside of the gate and everything. No one really wants to talk but everyone will take a pamphlet. So, new area and new planning method and we went out and it was amazing. We saw this girl on the street who kinda was laughing at us as she watched us knock doors. She was walking to the store and on the way back she was kinda laughing at us too. So I started to talk to her which was way easy cause she was surprisingly good at English so we got along. She invited us to her house to ask for permission to teach her. (Please keep in mind during every conversation I have there is about a 90% chance I'm interpreting them wrong!! So this is all from my point of view... resume.) So, we followed her 1/2 a block to her house and she got us talking to someone. We are completely unsure of their connection despite her efforts to tell us... but he happily took the Book of Mormon, said he would read it and that we could come back to teach him. Daniela, the girl, could not be taught by us on Saturday, but we asked if other missionaries could come and she seemed really excited so we are referring her over. Return appointment #1.

After talking to them, and saying a prayer of thanks, we started to knock the next street and found another lady with 2 little kids hanging off her who is letting us come back and meet with her next week... Return appointment #2.

Literally the next street we were knocking ... stop for background.. here they have amazingly beautiful houses and weirdly built but some are like 4-5 in an alley with one gate and one intercom system... resume... we literally rang one of the 5 doorbells and this 20-ish looking boy with crosses hanging off his neck came out. He too accepted a Book of Mormon, even though he is Catholic, and told us we could come back and teach him. :) Return appointment #3.

There were other cool people we talked to but I was really happy about those. Pray we can say what they need to hear on Saturday!!!

Yesterday WAS SPECTACULAR... Elder Cook came and talked to us. Two Buenos Aires missions came and we all got to shake his and his wife's hand. He gave a really good talk! We are so blessed down here!!! I love this Gospel!!! and every part of it!! It is SO true! and helps EVERYONE!!

I'm excited that Cathi came home and jealous of your baby time. :/ But that is ok... I'm in Argentina... NBD!!! Dad the Argentine Visa situation is a massive mess right now and keeping Argentine missionaries in the states gives them a place to go if they don't get the visa. The 8 here are on 90 day ones right now and if they can't get them in time the church has to pay extra to extend. We are praying they come through.

I love you ALL!!! Everything is so good here!!! I'm so happy and good!!! I have no words to describe how great this is!!!

Hermana Lutz

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