Monday, March 25, 2013

Scales N Tails

Today Kathryn took me to a Reptile store called Scales N Tails where I'm not sure what smells worse... the critters or the people. Regardless, I have few fears but all of them are wildly illogical and one happens to be snakes. Don't ask for an explanation because in my book fears are not meant to be understood only experienced  and then overcome. 

I thought my fear did not extend to lizards, that was until Anna (the jolly samoan man) brought out (at Kathryn's request) Bo-Jangles. He is a MASSIVE (emphasis on massive) 4 foot monitor. Which, if you were not aware, is the closest relative to the Komodo Dragon. I'll let that sink in.

Well I did not scream like a little girl (unlike the last boy Kathryn took to see him) but I was still terrified!
Don't worry for the sake of pictures for my blog, I overcame my fear and total dislike for the animal. Please enjoy or it will all be a waste of my courage juice!

Yes his head is bigger than my feet... YES IT IS!

I know it is dark but look closely and you will see a VERY scared looking Ali!

Thanks Anna!

... I did IT!

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