Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day in the life...

Well a day in the life of a mom started today. First full day with the kids. My two nephews (ages 4 and 22 months) could very possibly be the cutest kids ever! At least in my book. While my brother and his wife are in London I've got the charmers. Best gig ever!
So highlights of the day? Well, at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt Noah (the baby) slipped in the mud pulling me down with him... It might have been the other way around but for my pride we are saying he pulled me down... We spent the rest of the hunt covered in mud... which he pulled off adorably and me... Well I didn't look quite as cute. Upon entering the car I stripped the boy down to his clean shirt and left him happily pant-less for the rest of the night. Until Grant wanted to wait for dinner by playin on the deck. The little one was told he could stay in and help me because he had no pants, shoes, or coat... Or at least not clean ones. Taking matters into his own hands he went upstairs to properly dress himself. He came down asking me to dress him in his brothers pajamas.
Cloths are cloths right?!?!

My most favorite thing is that they both tell me they love me regularly (sometimes without even being prompted) and kiss me often. Both make me very happy. As I was shutting the door after putting Grant in bed, I said, "I love you" and he said right back (with conviction) "I love you too, Aunt Ali!" Sweetest way to end the night!

I should probably get to bed now because we've got preschool and more finding my way through this unknown town tomorrow, but I'll most likely end up reading for way I long. Do you think their townhouse neighbors care that I'm so tired I don't wake up until Noah is screaming at the top of his lungs to be let out I his bed??? I sure hope not!!!

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  1. I'm so jealous! But at least I'm getting a little bit of a nephew fill myself. :)