Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 2

As I woke up this morning to got the screaming Noah out of bed, I stumbled in to realize my arm was completely dead. Have you ever tried to pick up a thirty pound baby with an arm you can't control? Still not sure how I did it.

As I was making a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich (which is harder than I sounds btdubs, marshmallow is not spreadable) Grant asked what chemicals are made up of. I told him usually they are made up of elements. It sounded good enough to me, and apparently to him too because he got a surprised look on his face and said, " your so smart!" Thanks baby!

After walking away from a fight in a huff, Grant came back down the stairs with a mischievous grin and yelled, "I have a bug surprise for Noah!" He then threw an oversized pillow in Noah's face. Noah giggled and took the hits happily until Grant took his binkie from his mouth. Apparently them be fightin words... Or actions!

Lets just say these are defiantly Steve's kids... Yeah that's a TI-83 he is playing with!

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  1. ok that is sooooo cute! "what are chemicals made up of???" hahaha thats the best. he sounds like such a stinkin' cute kid!