Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 3

Well end of day three and here's 3 things I've learned...
1: Don't promise something until you have thought it all the way through... Should be obvious but I'm making that mistake multiple times a day.

2: Patience in boys just does not last long. They can get distracted but in about 3 mins they will remember that they are hungry or want a movie or want that toy. Do they ever grow out of that?

3: I have not mastered the art of children slavery. The picture is deceiving. I wish he were giving me a foot massage... Really he is just pointing to the stars on my socks. (The pictures go with each point)

I'm feeling good for day three. The lady's we meet with at the park told me a mission would seem easy compared to this... So that's a good thing right?! Against all odds and the bets my family is making, I haven't got lost yet... Thanks to the GPS my brother left me... HA! Take that family who all think I'm more directionally challenged then a goldfish!!

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