Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 4

6:00- retrieve screaming baby from bed and lay him in my bed so I can sleep for another hour.
7:00- argue with Grant about not wanting to walk down the stairs to put on a show for him. I give in.
8:00- sit in bed watching cars 2 with Noah and eat a sucker (no we have not eaten breakfast yet)
9:00 eat breakfast
10:00 eat chips cause they are SO hungry and breakfast was SO long ago.
11:00- walk to the park where I watch one lay on a park bench most of the time and the other go down the slide-a lot of times.
12:00- paint Easter eggs. Megan got this kit that had you paint then with sponge rollers instead of die them. Brilliant!! The colors looked good until the baby to the color mixing into his own hands.
1:00 NAP TIME!!! Oh and lunch in there somewhere. And call uncle Jeff to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
2:00 I may or may not have fallen asleep... Don't worry, they are all locked in.
3:00 refer to 2:00
4:00 watch Grant paint little magnets
5:00 wake up the baby so we can eat dinner.
6:00 watch the boys play on the ply place at chick-fil-a. Yes, mine is the one who told everyone his life story when he walked in.
7:00 brush teeth and pjs... Task!
8:00 smile to myself because I now have two peacefully sleeping boys
9:00 clean the house
10:00 settle into a movie and painting my nails. :)

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