Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Letters part 2

You know that awkward moment when you go to answer the phone and you don't know if you should say "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" cause it is 11:59. I always opt for "Good Morning" cause I don't think afternoon is appropriate until 1:00. Does anyone have a rule book for this stuff?

Here is another set of letters. Enjoy! :)

Dear Pandora, 
Thank you for covering up the boring classical music playing and making my afternoon alone very lively! Between you and Pinterest I am having a grand time avoiding my work :)
- Slacker-Pants

Dear Ankle,
I understand you don't appreciate my cutting you. I know I have the worst shaving skills on the planet and I really do feel sorry that you are taking the brunt of it. But if you could just do me a favor I promise to be more careful next time. Please stop being all infected and hurt. Its irritating!
- Limpy

Dear Thin Mints, 
You. Are. SO. Tempting.
- Helpless in your powers

Dear Closet,
Why are you so boring. I want you to become super cute. Please :D
- Your critical and lazy Owner

Dear Hair,
Why the heck did you all the sudden get all dry and split-endy. Like really? I actually wash you with good shampoo and conditioner and I rarely put heat on you. I'm this close to loosing it!
-The Personality Behind the Red

Dear Cathi, 
I'm so excited to see you next week! We are going to have so much fun together! Also Thanks for coming to save me from butch-whacking my hair. You really are the BEST!
-Your Favorite Client and Sister

Dear Goodwill,
You are doing such a good job having missionary skirts. I am pleasantly surprised and overjoyed at the prices. Mom can't say no to a $2 skirt!
- A much too frequent Costumer

Dear Holly,
Thanks for locking me out on Saturday night! Next time it'll be you!
- The reason you had to get up at 1:30 Sunday morning :) You are SO Welcome!

Dear Pupils,
I know that when you get tired you dilate. I really do get it, I'm tired too. But If you could just keep your composure while we are in public, I'm sick of being told "I got lost in your eyes."
- The rest of the body that has a better poker face then you.

Dear Boy,
Really?! You got lost in my eyes?
That is the worst line I have ever heard... Just sayin!
- Unimpressed

Also 79 Days until Argentina!!

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