Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Me and Lizzy

My obsession with Jane Austin may be pathetic but I love her. My favorite has always been and will always be Pride and Prejudice... Now I know why!

I toke the test here. It figures out what Jane Austin character you are most like. I wasn't shocked at all of the results. I love Lizzy!

Your Result
 Elizabeth Bennett

You are Elizabeth Bennett!� Independent, loyal and more than a little stubborn.� You don't need a man, and don't intend to settle for less than you deserve.� You are intelligent and opinionated.� You make quick judgments of character which may occasionally prove incorrect.� Your sense of humor and generally sanguine disposition help to balance the cynical conclusions you often form based on your ruthlessly honest assessment of people and situations.


  1. Haha - took the test. I was crossing my fingers I'd be like Lizzy and not Kitty! But apparently I'm like Elinor Dashwood (which I had to look up - Sense and Sensibility, the less dramatic sister). Boring! But it did say I was wise beyond years - which I agree with.

    1. Hey at least you weren't Kitty! and Elinor is Emma Thompson and she marries Hugh Grant. How could that be a bad thing? haha You are defiantly one of the less dramatic of us sisters (while in the real world makes you very dramatic, luckily Jane Austin made her dramatic scale more like the one we run by in our family :))