Monday, February 11, 2013

Life Lessons

Hey Guys! Guess what I learned today. Shifting awkwardly in your chair in the waiting area of an office does not make the attorney call you back any sooner, at least it is not working for the client who has been intensely testing the theory for the last 45 minutes. As I watch her with amusement, I will let you in on a couple of other things I have learned this weekend.

- Restraining children that are 1/3 of my size is quickly becoming a talent of mine. Lets just say I have been getting a lot of practice.

- 10 points go to any man who smells good.

- Stale smoke is the worst smell in the world.

- I am surprisingly good at talking kids out of calling 911. I believe my persuasive skills are improving.

- Getting a new shredder at work is like Christmas in July... or February! It's the little things people!

- Making ninja stars is finding its way onto my resume, although throwing them needs some practice.

- You may be accused of being a vampire if you admit your favorite weather is rainy days and blizzards.

- Sometimes after a hard morning of restraining kids and talking them out of calling the police, Pride and Prejudice and Thin Mints is the perfect way to cool down!

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