Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And it All Comes Off!

Well Cathi is in town and we all know what that means... Haircut time! 
I thought at first I just wanted a few inches off and make it gorgeous and healthy. Then pinterest happened. And I saw pictures like this...
short/medium hair
And I was thought... What the heck... Why not?!?!

So It all came off!

This is the Before...
Sorry it's curled... I never take pictures when it's straight... Lets  just say it's long!
 This is after the first cut... I look like a child

And here... Is The AFTER!

Cheese ball... Sorry I'm no good with pictures.
 So I cut it all off.. And I love it! What do you think?!?!

Also here is a random picture of Holly I found on my Ipod... I just think it is hilarious and wanted to share.


  1. I love your new haircut, it looks so cute. I couldn't even recognize it was you at first! Love ya girl!

  2. i like it! it'll be good for the paraguay heat too! I'm thinking of cutting my hair too. not quite as short as yours but like to my shoulders. its wayyyy too long right now and i think it's time for a mom-ish haircut :)

  3. You look super cute with short hair, too! Love it. :)