Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Blues

Well while the client in our waiting area sleeps I thought I'd post.

You know what is the pits? I don't want to bash on mondays cause they are not all bad but this one in particular has been exhausting! And it's only 3:30! Life is rough. My boss has been gone for a week and a half, plus there have been 2 holidays. the last 2 weeks were amazing. And then today hit... My boss came back and so did reality. I tired, hungry, my dang contact is wiggin out, my online class started (which would be a happy thing if it was something fun and relaxing like Math but instead its English... make me vomit) and have tons of work to do. Not to mention the Gigantor cold sore that is infesting my lip... ugh! Curse you cold sore!

Ok the lady who I thought was sleeping is blowing bubbles with her gum. Ya know I really can't blame her for sleeping. She has been waiting for a while, the office is warm and other then the relaxing classical music it is quiet. Heck I want to take a nap!

Anyways, I hope you are having a particularly fabulous Monday! :)

I promise the posts in the future will have more pictures and fun entertaining vibes, unlike this one.

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  1. newsflash allison lutz. math never has been nor ever will be relaxing!!!!! it makes me want to die that you said thAT!