Friday, January 25, 2013

Random thoughts.

As creative I as I am when it comes to writing I can't think of a way to make this a cohesive post so I'll number them and spew off random thoughts :)

1) I just did my nails! After looking around forever I finally found the emerald green I was looking for and a matte top coat. I'm loving them! :)

2) I got a yoga mat this week and have enjoyed doing it in my basement at night after everyone else is asleep :)

3) we had a crazy day at work and my boss didn't have time to go to the bank (which he needed to do) so he let me out of the dungeon! I say it's a dungeon cause it is freezing cold. So I was let out and happily skipped (or drove) to the near by bank. I was almost drooling when I saw the attractive guy holding the door open for me. I tried to wipe off my face and flash him a winning smile but I doubt it came across like I wanted it to. I went to the desk and the nice lady helped me. They told me they liked my scarf, which was my mom's, but I gladly accepted the compliment :) as I was leaving I asked for a sucker (yes I am 5, thanks for pointing that out!) and happily enjoyed to one the way back! (Pictures below)

It was blue raspberry! I couldn't resist! :)

4) I'm pretty sure everyone who came into work this week either just smoked a cigarette or hasn't showered in 3 weeks. That being said it made it very hard to concentrate when an 40 something man walked in smelling like a cologne ad. It was amazing no matter how uninterested I am in old men. His smell stayed in the office for a looong time! Yum!

5) the blond in me locked the keys in the van after my trip to the bank. Thank goodness we have two sets of keys. I only had to wait 30 mins for my dad to bring them to me.

6) while driving to work I beat a BMW through the intersection TWICE! Once we were both first but the second time there was a car in front of me but no one in front of him. Boom! I guess my 12 passenger van has more power then we all thought! Never underestimate me in Big Blue! :)

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