Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Holidays!

So this will be a random post... Embrace it!

I feel like the theme is either new years resolutions or a recap of the year... I'll try to do both.

RECAP! (This may be disappointing to you and me cause of the fact only a few big things have happened to me this year. but lets pretend this is the most exciting recap we've read this year!)
- I finished my 3rd and 4th semesters Whoot!
- I declared my major! Biology if your wondering.
- I witnessed all but 2 high school friends get married... you'd think I was old... we've been graduated for 3 years... I'll let that sink in...
- I got my mission call to Paraguay!
-As of today I enter the MTC in 113 days... the official countdown will begin when we hit 100 days! :)
- I went through the temple!
- I started this AWESOME blog that everyone loves and reads... thats what I tell myself anyways.
- I found out my sister is having a baby girl (and my best friend is having a baby too) that I'm going to           miss but lets ignore that fact.
-... well thats really it but I think 9 is a more solid and dependable number then 8. 8 is just plain unstable.

That was funner then I expected. (Don't start on funner!)

- Be a good missionary! AHHH!!!
-ENJOY everyday! :)
- And keep a thankful journal
--Keepin it simple--

Happy New Year Every one!! Embrace 2013! And lets all pray there will be at least one less estimated world ending day this year!

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  1. Oh gosh, some of those jokes were written just for me, I can tell. :) That was a good post, let's keep them coming. ;)