Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who knew life could be this fun?!

So i have a theory...
I truly believe elves make the 3rd floor to 4th floor fight of stairs 4x's longer then any of the other flights. 
I work on the 4th floor and I take the stairs everyday because when I'm at the bottom looking up I'm like "I love stairs!" and that is how I feel at the 2nd floor and the 3rd and I'm like "man, I could do this all day!" and then the dang elves come along and I walk 10 miles to get from the 3rd to the 4th and everyday I'm like "I think a little bit of me just died" and I promise myself I will never do it again... and then the next day comes and I repeat the process. Plus elevators are nausea devils... I hate them. 

So a little update on my life (other then starting this ridiculous blog) here you go...
*I've decided all debt collectors should have British accents cause then even if they are really annoying and call all the time, at least they are fun to listen to.
*I went to the temple for the 1st time on the 8th
*I got my passport! It's really pretty. Plus now I can now book a flight to anywhere. I feel so free!
*Still waiting on my FBI clearance check to go through... yes I do need an FBI background check for a my Paraguay visa... I hope I pass!
*Me and my friends decided who in our ward is each character of Emma. The only problem is that we can't decided if this boy, lets call him Jim, is Churchill or Knightly because right now he is with Jane but at one point or another people thought she was with both guys... its very suspenseful! I just can't wait for the part when I get to argue with Mr. Knightly about how men do not like women who argue! HAHA
*I'm grateful for the abundance of Holiday treats people bring me both at the office and at home. They may not help my Christmas figure but my sweet tooth is fully satisfied.

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