Saturday, November 9, 2013

One more priesthood!‏

4 November 2013

Well, this week was the roller coaster of all roller coasters  After a hard weekend with one of our investigators last week, we taught him a lot this week and by Friday night, he passed his interview... (this was AWESOME news because he doesn't speak Spanish well (but understands it) and luckily our zone leader understands Guarani)  We were all set for 2 baptisms Saturday! We were all really excited! And after emptying the font by hand (those trash cans in the church are not just for trash any more) and then cleaning it Saturday, we filled the font (and then left to get some work done just to come back to find the font hadn't been filling cause the water to the church had been shut off (but we did have enough in time)). We were all there, had all the clothes, and by 7:15 (yes it was supposed to be at 7), everyone was dressed and ready but this investigator hadn't show up (the other one was there, though). We waited until 7:45 and had to start... It was a beautiful service and everything went perfect, but Daniel never showed up. :( We don't know what happened.

So we had one baptism and conformation this weekend. Sad, because Daniel didn't come but really awesome because Sergio is now a member and he will get the priesthood this next week! How awesome!
One thing to tell you! I ate soup made from cartilage and ligaments and stomach (all of a cow but her son told us it was Rottweiler (the dog)). That was interesting. It was the hardest thing so far I have had to eat but I ate it... I think it literally tasted and smelled like... well really bad but she gave everything she had with all her heart so we gladly accepted and prayed she would be blessed for it... and our bodies too! Everyone enjoy your good, healthy, high-class meals this week! We are truly blessed!!!
Love you all!! 
Hna Lutz

This picture makes me SO happy! We were sad we couldn't be there but they are all members now!!!! AHHH!!!! Look how cute this is! I'm excited for 1 year when we take a picture like this in front of the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I want you to have this pic cause I think it is cute! and I really love this girl and we always tell people we are sisters and they believe us! We went to serve one day and waited for a good 2 hours for the other people to show up... being the kids we are there was a playground and we played on it!" -- A forwarded message from someone in Paraguay

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