Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In the first year of the reign of the madrasta

15 July 2013

Madrasta means step-mom in case you are wondering.
She really is great though! She has been in the mission for 3 months and she is from Peru. She is really shy but don't worry... no one really stays like that around me for long... because I'm corrupting! :) In the best way possible!
This week was emotional. My mom flew home Thursday but left me on Wednesday... no I didn't cry... until that night. My new companion, Hna Vilcahuaman is amazing but definitely isn't as tolerant of my very broken Spanish as Hna. Quispe. But I'm working on that. She feels really bad that she can't speak English and thinks I don't understand anything... not sure why because I always tell her I do.
Side story... I got bit by a weird fly and got an infection in my foot... don't freak out.. I'm Ali in Paraguay... it was bound to happen at some point... but i have talked to the mission nurse (even though I didn't want to... all my ward moms are freaked out about it... one says one thing and the next says something else... but they all agree it is bad.) I'm going to get antibiotics after this, and I have a list of things I have to do for about a week... This is why it is just better to not talk to the nurse but whatevs...
Entonses... for like Friday and Saturday my foot was really bothering me... like, I couldn't concentrate it was so bad. I got the feeling that I should ask the elders for a blessing so putting all aside
Sunday I asked them. Sunday was a really hard day because our two recent converts as well as our convert that I was working with with Hna. Quispe didn't come to church so I was like devastated. We did have a Golden investigator there, Mirian, but I'll tell you about her later. So I was really happy she was there but just sad the others weren't (also the menos activo weren't there either--- it was really hard.) I got the blessing after church and it was really powerful! First, it was weird being called my full name especially by elders but I started crying during the anointing because I just felt so much peace. The elders probably thought I was dying because I was just shaking. But then in the blessing, he said that the Lord is aware of my trials and the blessing was for the things i asked for (my foot) and the things I didn't. I took that to be the people we have been working with. I love the priesthood! 
One more story because my comp is waiting. So I'm trying to be better about talking to everyone even if I have a little feeling of "you should talk to them". Most of the time it ends up being a really catholic person, but there is this one house we walk by all the time and they always have kids running around. There is always a "oh lets talk" to them but I never have. So one day, I did and it turns out she is SO ready for this!!!! she is AMAZING!!! And her kids love it too! That is Mirian who was at church! :)
Love you all!!!
Hna. Lutz

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