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10 June 2013

Well, where the heck do I start?!?! Maybe with the fact that I am in Paraguay... It`s Lo Que Sea!!! I really can't believe it. So I am sending pictures. I would really like it if you just started saving them in a file somewhere safe so I can delete them and not worry... :) Gracias!

Ok lets see. Food... AWESOME!!!!! I know about 4 words in Guarani (the Paraguay dialect) and one of them is delicious! (the others are 'little' and 'how are you'... and 'water') We have lunch appointments everyday because my companion is really good at begging them off of members... :) But seriously, I just entered the nicest place ever... well the people are the nicest... we will get to living conditions... later. Well anyways, I haven't eaten really weird or really bad stuff yet... it's all so good!!!

My companion is incredible!!! I love her! She is Peruvian... however you spell that and doesn't speak any English... :/ I understand a lot more then I ever thought I was going to, so that helps a lot. She is adorable... as you can see from the pictures and she calls me her baby all the time. Super sad cause she actually is going home in 5-ish weeks on the 11 of July. :( muy triste!!! I literally speak less then a 2 month old and she tells me all the time that I need to learn to speak fast! Which I am well aware of. I can tell I am going to learn a ton from her! Her name is Hna. Quispe. Also we live with 2 other sisters, one from the CCM and her trainer, Hna. Cowger and Hna. Sanchez from Panama. It is really nice to have an English speaker around! :) It helps make things better! It is fun!

Our apartment.... oh my. So we made an awesome video but it is too big to send. :/ Just picture me being ridiculous in a really dirty house. Honestly though, the house was NAST!!!!!! It was SO bad! We both pink washed our areas and Mom if your sons ever left a house like this you should whip them!! There was trash and old food everywhere and it had been at least 2 years since anyone swept. Yuck!! Just thinking about it. Also, clothes were left that were older then the dirt on the floor, i swear! Oh anyway... needless to say after we got dropped off we didn't go out tracking...

I did get my suitcase... actually Wednesday, so I got it before I left the mission home. :) Happy day!

The people here are awesome! Even if they aren't interested they will listen or tell us to come back another day. Unlike Argentina, I haven't been straight up rejected here. But I'm sure that will come. People will just sit around and talk for hours though. It is a simpler place. 

We have my first baptism, although I have no idea how it counts cause we will teach her 2 or 3 times before Saturday. Her name is Mariam and she is 23. She has a really cute baby and her 3 year old niece lives with her. The kids here are so cute even if they are covered in dirt and sucking on a spoon that their mother just picked of the ground. 

The animal roaming thing is a problem. It is not just animals. There are chickens and cows and sometimes sheep just roaming the streets. It is strange. They tell me they belong to someone but they don't look like they have a home. 

Life here is great! I am learning and trying and the Lord is blessing me for that. Congrats to Amanda and Jamie for the mission calls!!!!

Love you all!!!!
Hna. Lutz

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