Monday, June 17, 2013

ok slacker pants...

17 June 2013

So, first I would like to address the fact that I had a much less full inbox this week... I'm pretty sure only Mom and Courtnie wrote me... not even my own father!

I know your response is that you are busy but really!!! :)

JK. I love you all!

Ok, lets see. Answering questions first. Mom, I am in Central, Paraguay.... I'm almost sure of that. It is 20 mins outside of the capital and next to Limpio. I can't believe Roxie got baptized... that is amazing!

I feel like a fisher. My trainer wants 3 more baptisms before she leaves me in 3 weeks and I can totally see it happening. People here just need the gospel. Even if they don't know it yet.

Well, lets see... mother your research payed off... mostly... I experienced me first rain fall... like, not like anything you have ever seen unless maybe you where alive in the time of Noah! (and that is not Noah Lutz.  Love you baby! )

It was like as seen on TV tropical storm crazy! My umbrella is awesome as in my rain coat. I was completely soaked where I didn't have the coat and dry where I did. The rain boots... well. Let me describe the rain... the rain is like crazy. Like a sheet. We were going to the baptism interview with the DL's and we had to stop a couple of times because we couldn't see in front of us. In 30 mins the streets were lakes... the drainage is non-existent... and it was like the coolest thing I have ever seen! SO MUCH WATER!!!!! So, needless to say my boots filled with water. I went to the interview and a lesson with about 4 inches of standing water in my boots. The worst part is that my dumb self didn't put tights on and I got big cuts about both legs where the boots were rubbing... totally infected... Don`t tell Brother Whaley... he told me I wasn't allowed to get cut... oops! 

So, that was Friday and then Saturday was the baptism! Oh my heavens! Incredible! I love the feeling of loving someone and seeing them as God sees them and then watching them follow Christ's example by choosing baptism! I was SO happy for her! Isn't she and her kids cute!!! Love it!!!

Sunday we got our first really humbling experience. On Sunday, the 4 of us went around together and we found this less active family and there was probably 14 people living in a house as big as our basement family room. And that is 14 for sure - it could be more. We sang I am a child of God and I was amazed by the feeling of God's love for these children. At least 8 of them were under 18 years old. and the 10 year old couldn't read. They were way funny though. They keep calling me Hna. Loui or Luz (meaning light... don't mind that one...) I think for now I'm gonna change my last name to Domingez. Is that ok with you guys!? :)

My trainer totally reminds me of Julie. She always just tells people I eat everything! She teaches with so much power and I know I'm going to learn tons in the time we have together. I have no idea what they are going to do with me when she leaves but I keep telling her that whoever they put me with will be my step mom (madrista... doesn't that sound evil) cause no one can replace your mom! :)

Love you all and am very sorry about all the loss in Colorado because of the fires. Watch the mail for a giant package... I'm going to send Colorado some of the water in the streets that is making my shoes muddy! :)

Also I don't know if I told you this, but Colorada in Spanish means red head so everyone thinks it is really funny when I say I'm from there. I guess it was meant to be! :) Love that dang burning state!

Love you All!!! I would love updates!
Hna Lutz

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