Saturday, April 13, 2013

DC Highlights

So I know I was like bomb for a week doing posts and then... I died... I went to a beach house in North Carolina and had no internet... So couldn't post. The trip was so much fun but the beach was cold so don't get too jealous... If you want to be jealous of something, be jealous of this...

This is the state I'm currently in....
.... And this is the crazy state I'm snowed out of!

Yes that is correct. I'm snowed out. Flights are getting canceled all over the place so instead of going home today I got to go to the temple!

This is the DC Temple, in case you didn't know, and I'm pretty sure it is the most amazingly beautiful place ever! I love it!

~~~~This post was interrupted by a really cute, little boy... so its not time accurate~~~~

My beautiful sister-in-law and my awesome brother were brave enough to take me and their two sons to DC so I could see the sights. I got to see the National Monument...

It is currently under construction because of structural fault (or something like that) which is super lame but it was still cool to see.

Good Ol' 16th President of the United States.

And Georgetown Cupcakes... better known as DC Cupcakes! DELISH! 

And the Handsome Nephew, Grant, and me in the Botanical Gardens. Stunning!

And this Castle is in the middle of DC! I was very happy! (Until I found out that it is used for information center... we will continue to ignore that fact and stay in my utopia where there is a fully functioning Downton Abbey style castle existing in downtown DC!) 

Thanks Meg and Steve for a really fun time!

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