Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 6

Today was hands down the most ridiculous dinner routine I've ever experienced. Megan gave me exactly 6 meal ideas for 6 days and tonight happened to be the night we made the meal I was dreading the most. I believe her words were "you can make scrambled eggs and pancakes but the boys won't eat pancakes unless they have good syrup so plan on making buttermilk syrup if you make pancakes." And that is why I was dreading it. I guess a combination of visions of sticky hands and me having to make the syrup is why it was saved to the last possible day. By the time Grant got home from a friend's house and we were ready to eat, I had only thought as far as "I'm making eggs and pancakes". So I put on a show for them so I could get a little done without having boys nagging me and ended up getting as far as making the pancake batter and getting the syrup recipe from my mom before they got upstairs. The next 10 mins are a blur but these are the highlights. I'm making the pancakes that are way too thick so with each one I put on the pan I "milk" it down a little more. The boys all have cups of milk which is somehow keeping them busy. I realize I have to make the syrup and eggs still so as I'm burning pancakes I start gathering ingredients for the syrup. I get the buttermilk out of the fridge, pour it into the measuring cup, and then call my mom to ask if it is a problem that the buttermilk if really chunky. She asks for the expectation date and when I told her it was January 24th, she suggests I make my own buttermilk. She informs me that you can make it by adding a little bit of lemon juice to milk. I tell her thank you and proceed to burn pancakes while looking for lemon juice. I couldn't tell you what kind of person has buttermilk in their house but no lemon juice but my brother has NO lemon juice. As I try to keep my cool, I call my mother to ask her what to do. Being an awesome mom she looks up substitutes for lemon juice and tells me white vinegar can be used instead. At this point I have successfully scorched all the pancakes and am now holding a grumpy baby. I tell her thanks again and hang up so I could start the eggs. Grant continues to remind me that he wants me to go faster. So while holding a baby in one arm I crack eggs with the other hand (impressed?) and pick out shells as I go. Luckily the eggs cook fast and Noah decides he doesn't want to be held anymore. Eggs are served. I look in the pantry for white vinegar so I could make stupid buttermilk for this dumb syrup I have to make. Of course if they don't have lemon juice, why would they have white vinegar? They don't so logic is restored. I give up on everything and tell the boys they aren't eating pancakes tonight. Grant looks at me and says it would be ok if they eat the other syrup. I i could curse the world but Instead i jump for joy because I they are going to eat! We say a prayer and dig in. After finishing 2/3 of his plate of eggs, Grant finds a crunchy egg. I loose it a little and bust out laughing . It was just one of those days. Luckily they eat one pancake a piece and Grant eats most of his eggs (who actually blames him for not finishing them? I don't!) So I'm calling tonight a success!

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  1. wow i thought when you said you were burning pancakes you were just being an exaggerating drama queen...uuhm NOPE those are legit burnt pancakes. I'm loving these posts. :) hahaha