Thursday, December 20, 2012

The life I wish I had... most of the time.

Ok so last night my AWESOME friend came over and we watched this Awesome movie!

Ok She is SO beautiful and look at knightly! 
I decided why every girl (well at lest the smart ones) like Jane Austin movies. Because it is every girl's dream life! All we want to do is plan parties and gossip and visit friends and get married and talk about getting married and decorate amazingly huge houses! I mean seriously that sounds like the best life ever does it not?!?  Oh and most importantly fall in love with attractive men who can dance and sing! Also they didn't have to work! And they partied all night and slept(I literally just had to google that to figure out what the past tense of sleep was... wow!) HELLO! I'm not sure what is better the men or the sleeping. 
One thing is for sure... I was born in the wrong time period!
You may ask yourself, "Why is there a random picture of nail polish and lips?"
Well while we were watching before mentioned amazing movie, we gave ourselves velvet manicures.
Yes, you did hear me right... VELVET manicures!
Coolest idea ever right?!?
so my nails don't look quite as good as the girl's in the picture (or her lips for that matter) but they do look pretty darn cool and they are soft cause not a big deal or anything but I have crushed velvet on my fingers... and I'm in love with it!
Thanks to the snow yesterday, I'm getting excited and ready for Christmas!! 5 more days! YEAH!

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