Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Strange things are happening to me!

Ok so the post really is up now on Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl. It has a picture of my family and everything. AWW!

Ok so you know how sometimes someone is acting really weird and you don't really feel like you know them and then one day they go back to normal and your like "welcome back, I've missed you!" Well that is how I feel about Colorado this winter. It has been ridiculous!! I mean today is December 18th and we are just getting our 2nd snow storm! That is not the Colorado I know! The Colorado I know snowed so much my 8th grade year we had used all of our build in snow days before Christmas break! Now thats winter. I am happy to inform you that the Colorado I know and love is BACK!!! YAHOO!
Look at the beautiful sight!

Isn't it pretty?!? If you can't tell we are having a white out. Not a bad one but still it makes me EXTREMELY happy! I want a white Christmas and I know a lot can happen weather wise in 6 days but this is a promising sign. My little sisters got school canceled today which is bizarre considering the roads aren't even icy. Oh well. I'm happy!
Makes me want to sing!
I'm not ready for the hot! I don't want my next Christmas to be 100 degrees but its gonna be worth it so I'll accept it. As for right now, I'm happy being cold (even though it really isn't that cold)

P.S. I would like to point out that I figured out how to link a link! YEAH! :)

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