Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zebra's and Elephants and Elves... OH MY!

Do you wanna know what I love?
my zebra boat shoes and Sara Bareilles! :)

Wanna know what i don't love 
the heard of elephents that are currently having a fiesta on the roof of my work building! WOW! and the phone at work. The ring gives me nightmares!

So i'm in a church choir, jugde me if you would like, it makes me complete and happy :) anyway last night we went to a nursing home and sang Christmas songs! And they were so cute. They were way happier to sing along with us then the singles wards we sang to on Monday night and they would clap a lot for us. One sweet lady would say "WONDERFUL! Wonderful every time we finished a song. It warmed my heart! 

Just so you guys know, Buddy the Elf is right when he said "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is SINGING loud for all to hear!

Oh and one more thing I love, DOWNTOWN ABBY!!! WHOOT WHOOT!! It comes back on PBS January 6th! I just joined the elephants for a happy dance!

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  1. I love you!!! You are so great and this made my day!